Exeter Road

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"My house was increasingly shabby, and in colours that'd been on the walls since I moved in a few years ago. Kate gave great advice on the colour schemes for the upstairs and downstairs rooms, and selection of colours for each room. Kate was really efficient at preparing and painting each room in turn; each job was done quickly, despite Kate taking great care over the finish and detail. The bathroom redecoration also required removal of some strange wall features and an electric fan, and Kate sorted all that out no problem. I'm really pleased with the work, and how smooth the whole process of having several rooms decorated was in her hands."  Julia Holroyd.

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Little Greene paint on new plaster

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Little Greene is an eco-friendly paint with a smooth matt finish which is great for new plaster as it's more breathable than conventional paints.
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Gold Feature Wall

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This specialist metallic gold paint really adds sparkle and warmth to Emily's lounge.  It has pigments which reflect the light to create a shimmery effect.

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Groundworks Greater Nottingham

reception after irfan main.jpg

Groundworks wanted a complete repaint of their Nottingham offices. The walls had been painted prevously in a lillac colour which was in need of a total refresh and a more suitable colour scheme was chosen to reflect the charity's brand and create a more pleasant work environment.

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London apartment

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We carried out a complete re-paint of this classic London apartment.  The owners needed a quick turnaround in between tenants and we were able to complete the whole job on schedule in just 2 weeks.  The sash windows needed a lot of attention to restore to their former glory, and a re-fitted kitchen left a lot of wall damage to make good.

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